Head Coach : Amy Savell

Assistant Coach : Brook Shelton, Larry Savell

Tennis Practice Schedule for the Week of Feb 11th - Click Here

Tennis Practice Schedule for the Week of Feb. 18th - Click Here


March 1st-Club 3:30-Newton Academy
March 5th-East Rankin 3:00-there
March 19th-Club 3:00-Riverfield
March 26th-Club-Christ Covenant
March 28th-Reservoir YMCA 4-Hartfield
March 29th-Hillcrest 4:00-there

April 2nd-Club 3:30-Central Hinds
April 5th-Simpson 3:30-Simpson
April 9th-Club 3:30-St Al
April 11th-Parham Bridges-3:30-Christ Covenant
April 17th-District Tournament-Vicksburg-time TBD